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IGBA’s 4th annual Global Biosimilars Week is taking place from November 13-17 2023. The mission of this online, social media campaign is to raise awareness of the powerful and lifechanging impact of biosimilar medicines.

The theme this year is Making Cancer Care More Accessible to Patients and Healthcare Systems. 

Each day during campaign week, we’ll focus on the ways that biosimilars provide value to oncology care for different stakeholder groups. We invite patients, healthcare professionals, government organisations and other interested parties to share their resources about biosimilars using our hashtag #GlobalBiosimilarsWeek.

Together, we can create a movement to advance access to biosimilar medicines and turn the tide on cancer.

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David Gaugh
Chair, IGBA and Interim President & CEO, AAM

Making Cancer Care More Accessible to Patients and Healthcare Systems


The campaign theme this year is Making Cancer Care More Accessible to Patients and Healthcare Systems. Each day of the week we will focus on the different ways that biosimilars provide value for oncology care for different stakeholder groups.

Day 1 (Nov 13)


Biosimilars 101 for patients: navigating biosimilars for cancer care

Day 2 (Nov 14)

Payors and Providers

Empowering payers and healthcare providers in biosimilar cancer care

Day 3 (Nov 15)


Shaping biosimilar regulations for a healthier future

Day4 (Nov 16)


Fostering access through oncology biosimilar development and approvals

Day 5 (Nov 17)


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Our Media Partners

Meet our media partners and learn about the important work they are doing to raise awareness about biosimilars.


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Biosimilar Resources

View these educational modules to learn how the biosimilar landscape began and how patients and health care systems benefit from biosimilar medicines around the globe.

The era of biological medicines

Since 1980, biological medicines, which are highly complex treatments made by or derived from a biological source, have grown to become an indispensable tool in modern medicine. These safe and effective medicines are targeted to treat many rare and serious diseases and millions of patients have already benefited from these treatments.

Biological medicines – the major social and economic challenges

Health care systems around the globe are under financial stress due to the pandemic, an aging population and rising prevalence of chronic conditions, with pharmaceutical spending expected to reach $1.6 trillion USD globally in the coming years. Biological medicines, while an important tool in treating certain conditions, come at a very high cost and hence are inaccessible for many patients.

Biosimilar medicines – rising to the cost challenge

Biosimilar medicines are biological medicines that are developed to be highly similar to an existing biological medicine, but are more cost-effective. Today, hundreds of biosimilar medicines have been approved around the globe, which brought competition to the marketplace after patent expiry of the original biological. This has produced huge savings and eased financial stress on health care systems and substantially increased patients access to biological treatments.

Biosimilar medicines – a commitment to scientific excellence 

With biosimilar medicines, patients and healthcare providers benefit from quality-assured and efficacious therapeutic alternatives. Biosimilar medicine development is target-oriented and comparative, requiring significant investment and state-of-the-art technologies. Extensive evidence is required to demonstrate that a biosimilar medicine is as safe and effective as its reference biologic. Additionally, the same high regulatory standards apply as for any other medicine.

The benefits of biosimilar medicines

Greater competition introduced by biosimilar medicines has many benefits for patients, providers, and health care systems around the world. Biosimilar medicines give providers a broader range of treatment options for their patients and give more patients access to biological treatments. Additionally, by representing cost-effective alternatives to reference biologicals, biosimilar medicines offer health care systems huge savings for the same clinical outcome.

Building on the experience and success of biosimilar medicines 

Biosimilar medicines have become an integral part of our health care systems. Today, they are internationally recognized for expanding access to life-saving treatments. Building on the experience and the success of biosimilar medicines supports their increased uptake and safeguards the medical supply chain.

#GlobalBiosimilarsWeek Around the Globe

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