From November 1-5, the IGBA will host its second annual Global Biosimilars Week! Building on the success of last year’s campaign, this year’s event, titled Biosimilars | Advancing Access, will raise awareness of the powerful impact of biosimilar medicines and provide key resources for advocates and interested parties. All week, we invite stakeholders, patients, health care professionals and their organizations around the world to share their resources and information about biosimilar medicines using the hashtag #GlobalBiosimilarsWeek

New this year


Unlocking the Global Biosimilar Opportunity in Tackling NCDs

November 2, 2021

The new IGBA white paper

Towards a Biosimilar Policy Access Blueprint

Effective Strategies to Advance Access to Biologic Therapies for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)


  • The largely unrealized biosimilar access opportunity;
  • The known challenges and barriers to biosimilar medicines use;
  • The IGBA Vision for how biosimilar medicines can help us meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030


Biosimilars | Advancing Access

Provides information on the current state of biosimilar approvals globally, the therapeutic areas covered by these medicines and the overall scientific, regulatory and clinical experience gathered over 15 years

Biological medicines ― the major social and economic challenges
The global spend on pharmaceuticals continues to increase. The use of biological medicines offers new treatment choices to patients, but at a high financial cost. What are the challenges faced by payers and physicians in preserving access to biological medicines within a financially constrained healthcare system?

Outlines remaining opportunities for providing better and equitable access, from the current portfolio (optimization) leading up to 2030 (horizon scanning preparedness)

The era of biological medicines
Since their first use in the 1980s, biological medicines (including biosimilar medicines) have grown to become an indispensable tool in modern medicine. Worldwide, millions of patients have already benefited from approved biological medicines, but what exactly are they, and how are they produced?

Discusses how the introduction of biosimilar medicines, through market competition and smart policies, has expanded biosimilar access to more patients and has created savings, allowing for re-investmtents into other areas of health care (eg new medicines, nursing staff, supporting care)

The benefits of biosimilar medicines
Biosimilar medicines have demonstrated similarity with reference biologicals in terms of structure, function, safety and efficacy, but what are their benefits?

Highlights key policy frameworks that expand biosimilar utilization and, in so doing, strengthen our health care systems and provide equitable access to medicines and care

Biosimilar medicines — rising to the cost challenge
Addressing the rising cost of biological medicines has become a priority for governments and healthcare systems around the globe.
Biosimilar medicines are providing more cost-effective biological treatments, but what are biosimilar medicines, and how do they meet this challenge

Invites all global stakeholders to share any information, educational resources or initiatives on biosimilar medicines

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