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IGBA will host its third annual Global Biosimilars Week on November 14-18. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the powerful impact of biosimilar medicines and provide key resources for advocates and interested parties.

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All week, we invite stakeholders, patients, health care professionals and their organizations around the world to share their resources and information about biosimilar medicines using the hashtag #GlobalBiosimilarsWeek. Together we can create a movement to advance access of biosimilar medicines to patients around the world.
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Have a look at the 2022 theme in the video below and join the movement!


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Strengthening Healthcare
The Value of Biosimilar Medicines

The campaign theme this year is the Value of Biosimilar medicines. Each day of the week we will be focusing on different aspects of providing value for all stakeholders.

Biosimilars: Value for patients
Biosimilars: Value for healthcare professionals, providers and clinical practice
Biosimilars: Value for governments and healthcare systems
Biosimilars: Value for regulators
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  • When competition with biosimilars kicks in, there are no policies supporting the reinvestment of the savings into more patients having access.
    Suzette Kox, IGBA Secretary General

  • With 15 years of positive biosimilar medicines contribution to patient health and healthcare system sustainability, the challenges and remedies to efficient use of biosimilar medicines are well known.
    Julie Maréchal-Jamil, Co-Chair, IGBA Biosimilars Committee

  • The COVID-19 global health crisis has led governments and the entire healthcare community to rethink and rebuild healthcare systems; this includes focusing on their ability to efficiently deliver access to biologic therapies and to effectively address non-communicable diseases.
    Sudarshan Jain, IGBA Imminent Past Chair

Take Action

Each year we’ve seen campaign growth in participation and reach. We need everyone’s help to broadcast the value of biosimilar medicines across the globe. Join the #GlobalBiosimilarsWeek movement!

webinar attendees from 38 different countries

uses of hashtag #globalbiosimilarsweek

social engagement from 150 different organizations

Extract from the GBW Webinar 'Unlocking the Global Biosimilar Opportunity in Tackling NCDs' (November 2, 2021)

Media Partners

Meet our media partners and learn about the important work they are doing to raise awareness about biosimilars.

Become a Media Partner!

We are looking for media publications who can help extend the reach of the Global Biosimilars Week campaign. Raise your company profile and help educate stakeholders by participating in this annual awareness campaign. Media partners will be included on the website and in communications and marketing prior and during the event. Learn more about the partner benefits and join the movement!

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